Michèle CARER, painter
  • Michele CARER, painter - English version
  • Michele CARER, peintre - Version française


Lumière du Soir - 40 x 100cm The artist doesn't seek to restore the painted landscape as a whole. She breaks it down, finds its lines, harmonises, cuts and shapes it and recreates this landscape by transposing her personnal perception on the canvas. Then, the painter invites the viewer to walk into the picture.

Figurative painter native of Paris, then installed in Anjou ( west of France ) since 1986.
She followed, several years during, the courses of the Paris drawing school ABC with Ray Lambert as a professor and more recently training courses with Arlette Le More, Philippe Gautier, Michèle Taupin and Claude Sauzet.
MC participated in the local group exhibitions and started to get awards in 1993.
Her works are in private collections in France, Germany, United-States, England, Netherlands, Romania...

Themes :

"Her favorite subject remains roofs which are pretext to beautiful variations of ocher and red when these roofs are from Provence or Venice. MC is, primarily a colorist. Her roofs, from here ans elsewhere, sometimes, border on canvas abstraction. They also serve, by their appropriate interweaving, to organize the space of the picture and to carpenter the composition.
She loves architectures often taken overhang. She deciphers the plans and perspectives with a color greed, without a priori, to capture the light.

Jean Louis Avril – Univers des Arts

Then, characters appear that allow her, while continuing to play with color rhythms as on a partition, to raise curves ans sinuous lines allying with the sweetness of peacefull women full of delicacy and finally timeless as icons can be.

Michèle CARER, member of the French « Maison des Artistes ».